Claims are why you have clients. If they didn’t think they would ever have to claim, they wouldn’t take out insurance. And, you, as the insurer, broker, or UMA, wouldn’t exist.

Yet, here we are. It is a reality. Clients will need to claim at some point or another.

But, the claims process can be a tedious, time consuming, and expensive process, mostly for an insurer. The gathering of accurate information, the processing of the information to ensure that all necessary parties are advised, and then communicating back to the client as to the progress.

But, what if the pain of information gathering was taken away from you, and away from the client too? What if your client could communicate with a chatbot on their phone or desktop, and the chatbot would gather all the information?

Affinity Group has the means to take the pain away.


Claims Handling Software

With our chatbot-centric claims handling software, you can get on with the business of insurance and leave the painstaking info gathering portion to us.


When you are notified of a potential claim, you send a URL link to your client. The client clicks on the link and is taken to a webpage, where they will be prompted to start the claims info gathering process. The chatbot asks the questions and the client answers. The info is then sent to your office, making the rest of the claims process a breeze. And, the client receives an SMS with confirmation and a possible call for further info.

The chatbot software can be tailor-made to suit your requirements. Should you want only certain questions asked, then we can set it up that way? Should you want your brand colours reflected within the software, we can set it up that way. Want a personal message to end the chat off with? We can have that inserted into the code.

If you’re not sure how this will all look, give our chatbot a try.

If you want to add value to your client’s lives, consider our CLAIMS HANDLING SOFTWARE today.